3PLs and the eCommerce Transformation: Challenge and Opportunity

3PLs and the eCommerce Transformation: Challenge and Opportunity

We’ve written before about how the eCommerce revolution and the related raising of customer expectations by Amazon.com are affecting companies in particular industry verticals, such as apparel.  We’ve talked about the broad challenge posed by omnichannel commerce. We’ve even written a white paper on Surviving the eCommerce Transformation. Although these pieces were all written with our enterprise customers and prospects in mind, they are relevant for 3PLs too.

Think about it: for a 3PL, these forces are directly affecting your customers, which means they will also affect you. And some of the side-effects, if you will, of the eCommerce transformation, such as the rapid growth of parcel and LTL shipping, will have direct effects on your ability to find, keep, and profitably serve customers.

For example, if you are not already providing small parcel services, how can you enter this fast-growing (and eCommerce-critical) market? And if you are providing these services, how can you make sure that you are optimizing the services that you are providing, both for the benefit of your customers and for your own bottom line?

More broadly, how can you make sure that you are taking advantage of the turmoil in the market to get more customers, keep customers longer, and ensure that you are serving them profitably?

The short answers are that you get more customers by providing a differentiated value proposition that supports your customers’ burgeoning eCommerce business; you keep those customers by providing the kind of strategic insights that make you invaluable and irreplaceable, and you do it all profitably through precise, granular management of shipping at the customer level. Easy, right?

Helpfully, we explore these issues at somewhat greater length in our new white paper, How 3PLs Can Obtain And Keep More Customers (And Make More Margin Doing It): The Power of eCommerce & Small Parcel Analytics. Check it out – we think you’ll find it interesting and helpful. And, as always, let us know about your read on where markets are going and how you are mastering the challenges they are providing.