Increase sales, deliver with confidence and delight your customers

Optimize the delivery experience from your website to your customers' doorstep


Your eCommerce business is under tremendous pressure. Ecommerce sales are growing, but buyer behaviors are changing rapidly. Millennials now outpace baby boomers in combined buying power for the first time in history. Innovative companies such as Amazon are raising customer expectations for delivery time, cost, and convenience making it difficult to compete.


You spend about 10% of revenues on acquiring new customers through SEO, advertising, and more. But 20% of your visitors that leave you in the product, shopping cart and check-out pages do so because of “delivery anxiety”, i.e., they don’t know when they are going to receive their order or shipping costs are too high.


The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud removes delivery anxiety by optimizing the delivery experience both pre-click and post-click.


Tell customers when they’ll receive their order and then provide email and SMS alerts when the shipment is on its way. At the same time, optimize delivery to your key markets. Removing delivery anxiety, your single largest remaining obstacle to converting orders, results in an up to 20% increase in sales, happier customers, fewer calls to customer support, and an optimized delivery network. Stop being vague with delivery dates and commit to your customers. They will then, in turn, commit to you.


Join eCommerce companies such as, and L’Oreal who are using GrandCanals to gain visibility and control over the delivery process so that they can increase sales, deliver with confidence, and delight their customers.



Glossier selected the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud (FIC) from GrandCanals to improve their customers’ delivery experience, increase the capabilities of their delivery network, and to lower the costs of shipping. The net result? More sales and happier customers.

Who benefits from analytics-driven fulfillment?

Head of eCommerce

It’s up to you to grow your online business – and to do so as cost-effectively as possible. Now, delivery and fulfillment is on par with your brand, products, and price. But to excel, you need the right data gathering and analytical capabilities to make sure you can profitably meet customer expectations in this rapidly changing, eCommerce-driven world.

Logistics & Operations

It’s your job to make sure that products are reaching customers at the time and in the way that they are expecting and to do so at the lowest cost possible. The carriers don’t make it easy for you, with limited reporting, confusing pricing schemes and a welter of different services. Analytics-Driven Fulfillment can cut through the fog and give you clear insights into what is happening right now and where there is room to improve your delivery experience.

CFO & VP of Procurement

You’ve got to make the numbers work – quite a challenge, when shipping costs are exploding and you don’t always have the visibility or control you need. With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment, you’ll know exactly where the money is being spent – and you’ll get the details you need to ensure it is being spent optimally.

VP of Customer Support

Maximizing CSAT and NPS is your reason for being. Now that fulfillment and the delivery process have become a critical part of the overall customer experience – including driving repeat business and increased shopping cart conversions – getting real-time shipping information for all of your orders is critical to your success. How can you get & communicate the up-to-the-minute information about shipments – that your customers have come to expect (without shipping them off to another website)?




The rise of eCommerce has created a new kind of customer journey. Fulfillment and delivery have assumed a central role in the customer experience. In this eBook, you’ll find best practices used by top eCommerce companies to boost sales through better fulfillment and delivery.



Ecommerce growth rate

Retail eCommerce sales will reach $2.290 trillion in 2017, accounting for 10.1% of total retail spending worldwide. Online sales continue to expand rapidly, with a 23.2% growth rate for 2017.


The growth in Amazon’s market value, 2006-2016

Amazon is the clear category leader in eCommerce in the United States and is one of the dominant retail forces in the world. At a time when many retailers are struggling, Amazon continues to grow – and investors have rewarded that growth.


Online shoppers you will lose

The delivery experience is critical: 37% of online shoppers who face a poor delivery experience blame the online seller itself and never shop again on its website.


Decrease in abandonment rate

Companies see a 47% decrease in abandonment rate when going from 4-5 day delivery to 3 days or less.

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud provides all the capabilities you need for Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Find out how you can join the market leaders who are using the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud to increase sales, deliver with confidence, and delight their customers.