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Track every shipment in real time. Share delivery status with your customers on your own website

Maximizing CSAT and NPS is your reason for being. Now that fulfillment and the delivery process have become a critical part of the overall customer experience – including driving repeat business and increased shopping cart conversions – getting real-time shipping information from all of your carriers is critical to your success. How can you get the up-to-the-minute information about shipments that you need – and that your customers have come to expect – in order to increase CSAT and cut down on expensive “Where is my order?” (aka WISMO) calls?


The Delivery Performance application from GrandCanals, part of the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud, provides you will all the information you need to track every package you send and to spot and manage shipments at risk. With the included Track & Alert API, you can expose this information on your own website or send it directly via email or SMS, sharing it with your customers without relinquishing control over the customer contact by sending them to another company’s website.

Tracking and Alerting

Join eCommerce companies such as, and L’Oreal who are using GrandCanals to gain visibility and control over the delivery process so that they can increase sales, fulfill with confidence, and delight their customers.



Glossier selected the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud (FIC) from GrandCanals in
early 2017 to normalize and analyze their rapidly-growing body of fulfillment
data, in order to generate timely, reliable metrics on current operations.
This information was critical not only to answer “what is?” but also “what if?”
questions, and to find opportunities to drive down costs, increase efficiency,
and improve customer experience.

C-Level vs Director:


You know that the fulfillment and delivery experience directly impact CSAT and NPS. Thanks to Amazon, customers now expect to be informed about the status of their orders, from pickup to delivery. The carriers and some third parties provide some of this information to your customers, but who can give that same timely, granular information to you? How can you get the comprehensive view of every step of every shipment’s journey to keep on track and the predictive analytics needed to highlight shipments at risk so you can manage by exception and get out in front of any looming problems? The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud (FIC) provides the capabilities you need for end-to-end visibility and control, which you can extend to your customers through your website, email or SMS alerts. With the Delivery Performance application, you get the information you need to stay on top of your shipments and proactively reach out to customers at risk of disappointment – and the ability to share that information directly with your customers without losing control of the customer experience.


You’re on the front lines, fighting to maximize CSAT all the way through delivery of your products. You need the Delivery Performance application of the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud to ensure that you are armed with all of the visibility and control you need to be successful in your mission, monitoring shipments in-flight to predictively identifying shipments at risk of disappointing your customers. Monitor the progress of every shipment, with information from all of your carriers in one place. Keep abreast of what’s early, on-time or late, so you can proactively reach out to customers whose shipments are at risk to not arrive as promised. Share shipping and delivery information with your customers via your own website or through email or SMS notifications, without losing control over the customer experience by sending them to another company’s website.



Boosting Sales through Better Delivery

The rise of eCommerce has created a new kind of customer journey. Fulfillment and delivery have assumed a central role in the customer experience. In this eBook, you’ll find best practices used by top eCommerce companies to boost sales through better fulfillment and delivery.