Don’t React, Proact: How to Improve the Customer Experience in Real-Time

Don’t React, Proact: How to Improve the Customer Experience in Real-Time

There is a lot of cool new functionality in the latest version of the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud (FIC). But rather than just focusing on the awesome features (because, let’s face it, no one cares how clever we are, except perhaps our mothers), let’s take a look at some of the new use cases they power for our customers.

Here’s one for the customer service folks (or anyone who cares about pleasing their customers, which should be everyone): our new Delivery Performance application, which gives companies real-time visibility into the status of all their deliveries, also highlights shipments that are at-risk of being delayed before the carriers have even signaled a change in the expected delivery date (EDD).

Why does this matter? It means that you can reach out proactively to your customers to re-set their expectations before they are disappointed by a late delivery (and maybe offer them something, like a discount on future orders, to ease the pain). Further – and this is the really exciting bit – it means that you may have an opportunity to correct a problem before it has any impact on your customer at all.

A couple of prevalent examples:

  • Problems caused by bad addresses: In this case, a clearly incomplete or invalid address with trigger an exception code that raises a flag in the FIC. Your logistics or CS people can then correct the error right away, rather than after a failed delivery attempt.
  • Lost or damaged shipments: In the case of lost or damaged shipments, you have the opportunity to re-ship the order, perhaps even via a faster mode of delivery in order to get it to the customer on the originally promised date. You can also let the customer know you did this proactively, thus building brand equity and creating an amazing customer experience that they will likely share on social media.


As we have noted before, the shipping and delivery experience has become an increasingly important element in determining overall customer satisfaction. Having the ability to identify and correct issues before they have become full-blown problems gives you a tremendous advantage in the quest to provide your customers with the best possible shipping and delivery experience.

Remember – the interval between the customer clicking the button to place an order and actually receiving the goods is, from their perspective, the gap between buying something and actually owning it. Anything you can do to make that gap as short, transparent, and painless as possible will pay major dividends in customer satisfaction – and return business.

We’ll be periodically publishing short videos highlighting these use cases, so be sure to check out the resources section of the web site regularly. Or contact us – we’d be happy to show you how better to ship with confidence and delight your customers.