eCommerce & Digital Executives

Increase Sales, Deliver with Confidence and Delight Your Customers


There is a customer, on your site right now, wanting to buy your products. But don’t because they are not sure when they are going to receive it. In fact, 20% of your visitors that leave you in the product, shopping cart and check-out pages do so because of “delivery anxiety”, i.e., they don’t know when they are going to receive their order or shipping costs are too high. It’s the largest remaining reasons why your customers don’t buy. In fact, your customers might even call you to understand delivery times while they are shopping!


The delivery process has become a critical part of the overall customer experience — including driving increased shopping cart conversions — how do you know where to improve and provide the best delivery experience?


Tell customers when they’ll receive their order and then provide email and SMS alerts when the shipment is on its way. At the same time, optimize delivery to your key markets. Removing delivery anxiety, your single largest remaining obstacle to converting orders, results in an up to 20% increase in sales, happier customers, fewer calls to customer support, and an optimized delivery network.


The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud from GrandCanals delivers all the intelligence and insights you need to optimize each stage of their buyer’s journey. Use faster delivery promises to boost conversion rates. Get near-real-time insights into delivery status to highlight at-risk shipments for proactive outreach. Share that information with your customers on your own website or through email or SMS alerts.

Tracking and Alerting

Join eCommerce companies such as, and L’Oreal who are using GrandCanals to gain visibility and control over the delivery process so that they can increase sales, deliver with confidence, and delight their customers.



Glossier selected the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud (FIC) from GrandCanals to improve their customers’ delivery experience, increase the capabilities of their delivery network, and to lower the costs of shipping. The net result? More sales and happier customers.

C-Level vs Director:

GM or VP of eCommerce/Digital

You’re on the hook to boost eCommerce sales and to provide the best possible customer experience – profitably. How can you get the comprehensive view of the buyer’s journey you need to maximize conversions at each stage and to provide the best possible customer experience from landing on your website to opening the box? The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud (FIC) provides the capabilities and applications you need to provide your customers with date specific shipping options that have been proven to increase shipping cart conversions. Deliver to your customers faster and monitor the impact on shopping cart conversions. And with the FIC’s advanced data science, you can find the optimum balance of cost and performance so that superior customer experience doesn’t come at the cost of profitability.

Director of eCommerce/Digital

You’re on the front lines, fighting to maximize sales conversions at each stage of your buyer’s journey and then making sure that a first-class customer experience carries all the way through delivery of your products. You need the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud to ensure that you are armed with all of the visibility and control you need to be successful in your mission, from providing date specific shipping information on the product page, to monitoring shipments in-flight. Keep abreast of what’s early, on-time or late, so you can proactively reach out to customers whose shipments are at risk. Get the holistic shipping information you need to team with your logistics colleagues to balance delivery cost and performance. Improve days-to-deliver to key markets. Use advanced data science to find the best ways to cost-effectively improve the delivery experience.



Boosting Sales through Better Delivery

The rise of eCommerce has created a new kind of customer journey. Delivery has assumed a central role in the customer experience – as early as the product page! In this eBook, you’ll find best practices used by top eCommerce companies to boost sales through better delivery.