Analytics-Driven Fulfillment For Finance Professionals

Fulfill with Confidence and Delight Your Customers


You’ve got to make the financial numbers work. That’s quite a challenge when you don’t even have the visibility into fulfillment costs that you need. With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment, you’ll know exactly where the money is being spent by carrier, by product, and by customer – and you’ll get the insights you need to maintain and predict margins an

Freight Audit

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud from GrandCanals provides you with the capabilities you need for Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Audit, recoup late shipments, and reduce your costs. Leverage over a century in carrier experience and decades of deep knowledge in analytics software to take advantage of the same capabilities that market leaders are using to gain visibility and control of fulfillment costs while delighting their customers.

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“We were able to leverage the analytics behind GrandCanals to optimize and create efficiency in fulfilling customer orders. The program helped support our rapid growth by providing immediate feedback on best available shipping options.”

-Jang Lee, Chief Financial Officer

Who benefits from analytics-driven fulfillment?

C-Level / Vice President of Finance

The buck stops with you. But you can’t manage and improve something you can’t measure. That means you need reliable and predictable financial data and metrics on fulfillment – a growing percentage of costs of goods sold (COGS). With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment you get immediate access to and consolidated reporting on all the financial data on fulfillment, giving you visibility and control in order to manage costs/margins properly.

Director / Manager of Finance

Crunching numbers related to fulfillment and shipping costs is a nightmare. You have multiple carriers, with a variety of services and costs. It can take hours of spreadsheet work to get a simple metric such as shipping cost per order. And you don’t have a team of resources to call upon. What do you do? With access to fulfillment analytics, your team has real-time access to all the fulfillment metrics you need.


The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud provides all the capabilities you need to practice Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Find out how you can join the market leaders who are using the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud to get lean, stay lean, and master the eCommerce transformation.