Analytics-Driven Fulfillment For The Health & Beauty Industry

Increase Sales, Fulfill with Confidence and Delight Your Customers


The change of seasons means fresh new looks and fresh new orders for your health, beauty, and cosmetics company. That’s a good thing. What’s not a good thing is the rising cost of fulfilling your customers., whose year-over-year growth rate in health & personal care and beauty was 38%, sells your products and because of an amazing experience – from the shopping cart to delivery and returns — customers will go there first. But your website is different. Why?


With analytics-driven fulfillment, you can turn your data into more sales and power customer experiences that rival and best your competitors. eCommerce company L’Oreal, Glossier, and Grove Collaborative did and you can too.


The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud from GrandCanals provides you with the capabilities you need for Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Delight your customers by offering them faster delivery and date-certain shipping options in the shopping cart. Protect your margins by choosing the best tradeoffs between carrier service and cost for each individual shipment – before the package ships! Ensure that the all-important delivery of your products (a.k.a. the customer experience) to your customers is done right.


Analysis using the FIC revealed that carrier shifts for some routes could lead to improved customer service, with transit times reduced from about a week to 2-3 days, and savings of up to 40%, offsetting constantly rising carrier charges.

Who benefits from analytics-driven fulfillment?


You are the ultimate manager of your health, beauty & cosmetics business which means you also own the entire customer experience. It’s up to you to delight your customers and to do so as cost-effectively as possible. To do so you need the right data gathering and analytical capabilities to make sure you can profitably meet customer expectations in this rapidly changing, eCommerce-driven world.

Logistics & Operations

It’s your job to make sure that your health, beauty & cosmetics products are reaching customers at the time and in the way that they are expecting, and to do so at the lowest cost possible. The business asks for more efficiency, but the carriers don’t make it easy for you, with complex, confusing pricing schemes and a welter of different services. Analytics-Driven Fulfillment can cut through the fog and give you clear insights into what is happening in your fulfillment chain and where there is room to improve the customer experience.


You’ve got to make the financial numbers work. That’s quite a challenge for a health, beauty & cosmetics company when you don’t even have the visibility into fulfillment costs that you need. With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment, you’ll know exactly where money is spent by carrier, by product, and by customer – and you’ll get the insights you need to maintain and predict margins and fulfillment costs.


You only have a few carrier options for fulfillment. But does that mean they have all the power in negotiations? No. With Analytics-Drive Fulfillment you can determine the best negotiating strategy up front, level the playing field, and know, with 100% certainty, that you have the best deal with all of your carriers.



UPS, FedEx and other shipper’s rates increase every year. At the same time markets are increasingly competitive. In this whitepaper, learn how to remain competitive in this ever-changing landscape to obtain the best shipping rates possible.

Metrics for the Health, Beauty, & Cosmetics Industry

How do you manage the growth on online orders


% of consumers that use subscription service

38% of US consumers who regularly purchase health and beauty products online say they’re signed up for a subscription service.


compound annual growth rate for online health, beauty, & cosmetics sales

Forecast that the online health, beauty, & cosmetics sales market will grow at a compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, of 13% between 2015 and 2020.


The year over year growth of Amazon’s health, beauty, & cosmetics sales

Amazon’s total health, beauty, & cosmetics sales in 2016 was $2.5B with a 47% year over year growth rate.

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud provides all the capabilities you need to practice Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Find out how you can join the market leaders who are using the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud to get lean, stay lean, and master the eCommerce transformation.