Logistics & Operations Executives

Deliver with Confidence and Delight Your Customers


It’s your job to make sure that products are delivered to customers at the time and in the way they are expecting and at the lowest cost possible. The business continuously asks for faster & better delivery, but the carriers don’t make it easy for you, with limited data & reports, complex pricing schemes, and a welter of different services. Getting a consolidated view of your delivery operations using point solutions such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and Looker is almost impossible and isn’t real time. Analytics-Driven Fulfillment can cut through the fog and give you clear insights into what is happening in your operations and where there is room to improve efficiency and the customer experience.

Delivery Performance

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud from GrandCanals provides you with the capabilities you need for Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Know what’s happening on the ground — get near-real-time insights into the delivery status of every shipment. Share that information with your customers on your own website or through email or SMS alerts. Use that data to improve your fulfillment network to key markets.  Use data science to answer “what if?” questions. Reduce your fulfillment costs and protect your margins by choosing the best tradeoffs between carrier performance and cost for every shipment.



Grove Collaborative saved over 25% in shipping costs per order and 1,000 man-hours per year using GrandCanals’ Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud. FIC allowed them to get immediate visibility into complex costs but also gain control so that they could improve for the future.

Who benefits from analytics-driven fulfillment?

C-Level / Vice President of Logistics & Operations

As head of logistics or operations, you wear many hats. Not only are you responsible for the effective and efficient use of resources for fulfillment, you have financial responsibility as well. But what application do you have to manage fulfillment properly? Spreadsheets don’t suffice. With fulfillment analytics, you get timely and holistic fulfillment data at your fingertips. This ensures that your fulfillment operation is always optimized and your customers — internal or external — are satisfied with delivery.

Director / Manager of Logistics & Operations

Managing fulfillment operations is an almost impossible task. Time is critical and resources are tight. You don’t have any visibility. Consolidating and crunching numbers related to fulfillment and shipping costs is a nightmare. You have multiple carriers, with a variety of services and costs. It can take hours of spreadsheet work to get a simple metric such as shipping cost per order. What do you do? With access to fulfillment analytics, your team has real-time access to what’s happening on the ground and all the data you need to manage tradeoffs between cost and performance of your fulfillment operations.



The emergence of omni-channel fulfillment concepts has dramatically increased the number of small-parcel, direct-to-consumer shipments. In this whitepaper, learn how to understand market forces behind omni-channel and use analytics-driven fulfillment to improve your fulfillment chain.

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud provides all the capabilities you need to practice Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Find out how you can join the market leaders who are using the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud to get lean, stay lean, and master the eCommerce transformation.