Analytics-Driven Fulfillment For Procurement Professionals

Fulfill with Confidence and Delight Your Customers


You only have a few carrier options for fulfillment. But does that mean they have all the power in negotiations? And how do you know you are getting the best deal possible? With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment you can determine the best negotiating strategy up front, level the playing field, and know, with 100% certainty, that you have the best deal with all of your carriers.


The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud from GrandCanals provides you with the capabilities you need for Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Reduce your costs with better negotiation strategies with the carriers and deeper visibility into important fulfillment cost drivers.


Leverage over a century in carrier experience and decades of deep knowledge in analytics software to take advantage of the same capabilities that market leaders are using to gain visibility and control of fulfillment costs.

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“We were able to leverage the analytics behind GrandCanals to optimize and create efficiency in fulfilling customer orders. The program helped support our rapid growth by providing immediate feedback on best available shipping options.”

-Jang Lee, Chief Financial Officer

Who benefits from analytics-driven fulfillment?

C-Level / Vice President of Procurement

It’s time to renegotiate with your fulfillment carriers. But with only a couple choices as to who delivers your products, what power do you really have? The answer is none. But with Analytics-Driven Fulfillment you have the same data that the carriers do and can level the playing field to ensure you and your team sign the best deal possible for your business.

Director / Manager of Procurement

Being prepared is the first key to any negotiations. But getting data for fulfillment and shipping can be a monumental task. Spreadsheets, averages, and different cost structures from each carrier across deliver services make determining a winning strategy almost impossible. With access to fulfillment analytics, your team has real-time access to all the fulfillment metrics you need to take control over negotiations and sign the best deal.



The emergence of omni-channel fulfillment concepts has dramatically increased the number of small-parcel, direct-to-consumer shipments. In this whitepaper, learn how to understand market forces behind omni-channel and use analytics-driven fulfillment to improve your fulfillment chain.

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud provides all the capabilities you need to practice Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Find out how you can join the market leaders who are using the Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud to get lean, stay lean, and master the eCommerce transformation.