Analytics-Driven Fulfillment For Your Role

Increase Sales, Fulfill with Confidence and Delight Your Customers


Professionals across B2B and B2C disciplines including eCommerce & marketing, logistics & operations, finance, and procurement are struggling to keep up with rapid changes in eCommerce. The growth of the Internet has millennials buying and demanding to receive their orders when and where it’s most convenient. In addition, is setting new customer expectations for delivery times, cost, and convenience and carrier prices keep rising putting pressure on already slim margins.


So, how can you help profitably meet your customers’ expectations given these market forces?


The answer is Analytics-Driven Fulfillment.


Developing a core competence in analytics-driven fulfillment gives you the technology and business logic you need – no matter what your role – to increase sales, fulfill with confidence, and delight your customers, just like With purpose-built analytics, data science, and modeling you can ensure that you are providing your customers with the best possible combination of cost and service in every instance. Developing a capability in Analytics-Driven Fulfillment also provides you with the visibility and capacity to continuously improve your fulfillment operations – to constantly find where better is possible and to stay on top of changes in your customers, markets, and competition.


Surviving the eCommerce Transformation

Why Analytics-Driven Fulfillment is Critical to Your Business.


Analytics-Driven Fulfillment for Logistics & Operations Professionals

Gain visibility and control of fulfillment operations

It’s your job to make sure that products are reaching customers at the time and in the way they are expecting, and to do so at the lowest cost possible. The business continuously asks for more efficiency, but the carriers don’t make it easy for you, with limited reports, confusing pricing schemes, and a welter of different services. Analytics-Driven Fulfillment can cut through the fog and give you clear insights into what is happening in your fulfillment operations and where there is room to improve efficiency as well as the customer experience.

Analytics-Driven Fulfillment for Procurement Professionals

Learn the best negotiating tactics and level the playing field with carriers

You only have a few carrier options for fulfillment. But does that mean they have all the power in negotiations? And how do you know you are getting the best deal possible? With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment you can determine the best negotiating strategy up front, level the playing field, and know, with 100% certainty, that you have the best deal with all of your carriers.

Analytics-Driven Fulfillment for Finance Professionals

Gain visibility and control of fulfillment financial metrics

You’ve got to make the financial numbers work. That’s quite a challenge when you don’t even have the visibility into fulfillment costs that you need. With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment, you’ll know exactly where the money is being spent by carrier, by product, and by customer – and you’ll get the insights you need to maintain and predict margins and fulfillment costs.

Learn How: The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud

Seeing is believing. Visibility and control is the first step to improving your delivery experience. Discover how data science and analytics move the needle to increase sales and improve CSAT.