Increase Sales, Fulfill With Confidence and Delight Your Customers


B2C, B2B and 3PL companies are under pressure. The internet, as promised, has changed everything. The eCommerce experience, epitomized by, is setting new customer expectations for the delivery experience. In this new, rapidly changing eCommerce world, fulfillment analytics is a critical source of competitive advantage. But visibility into actual performance is low and prices from the carriers only go up.


So, how can you deliver a first-class customer experience and grow your business?


The answer is Analytics-Driven Fulfillment.


Developing a core competence in analytics-driven fulfillment gives you the technology and business logic you need to master the eCommerce delivery experience: increase sales, fulfill with confidence and delight your customers.  Through the combination of normalized data from across the fulfillment chain and data science, you can ensure that you are providing your customers with the best possible combination of cost and service in every instance. Developing a capability in Analytics-Driven Fulfillment also provides you with the capacity to continuously improve your fulfillment operations, to constantly find where better is possible and to stay on top of changes in your customers, markets, and competition.


Surviving the eCommerce Transformation

Why Analytics-Driven Fulfillment is Critical to Your Business.

Analytics-Driven Fulfillment
How to Master the Ecommerce Transformation

Delivery Performance


Optimize your eCommerce fulfillment & the delivery experience

eCommerce companies are under tremendous pressure. Ecommerce is on the rise. Buyer behaviors are changing rapidly. Millennials now outpace baby boomers in combined buying power for the first time in history. Innovative companies such as are raising customer expectations for delivery time, cost, and convenience making it difficult to match.


How can you meet the rising expectations of your customers, while still preserving some margin in the face of the rising costs of shipping? By developing a core competence in Analytics-Driven Fulfillment, you can increase sales, maximize customer satisfaction, control shipping costs, and master the last leg of the eCommerce customer experience.


Optimize distribution and profitably meet customer expectations

B2B eCommerce supply chain is already twice the volume of B2C eCommerce supply chain and growing fast. Expectations around the cost, timing, ease and reliability of distribution and fulfillment are being set by consumer experiences with market leading companies like that then get translated into the B2B setting. Fulfillment, once an afterthought, has become a key determinant of the customer experience and can even drive revenue.

How can you profitably meet customer expectations in a rapidly changing, eCommerce-driven world? With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment, you can fulfill with confidence and delight your customers. Analytics-Driven Fulfillment combines normalized data from across your fulfillment chain with purpose build descriptive and prescriptive analytics so you can master the eCommerce supply chain challenge.

Carrier Mix Modeling Data Science


Achieve Fulfillment and Pricing Optimization

Your customers’ businesses are under tremendous pressure – so you are, too. Ecommerce is transforming both B2B and B2C markets. Small parcel and LTL direct to customer shipments are an increasingly important part of the fulfillment mix, but are 3-5 times as expensive as traditional distribution methods. In this new eCommerce driven world, fulfillment is a critical source of competitive advantage. But, how can you profitably seize the opportunity this transformation presents?

Use Analytics-Driven Fulfillment — the same approach as and other market leaders — to improve your customers’ experience. Optimize your small parcel and LTL shipping services, if you are already offering them, or enable your entry into this fast-growing segment. Manage your customers with highly granular information about their shipping and maximize both your margins and their satisfaction.