Supply-Line Backer for Businesses all over the World

No one likes hidden costs, amirite? Like corkage at a BYOB restaurant, or when – as a Brit in the States – you forget tax is added at the checkout and you’re left with insufficient dollah to pay for things, hidden costs are terrible. Luckily for businesses, Grand Canal Solutions (forever known as GCS because that name is unforgivably long) has a plan.

The team, based in San Jose, uses predictive analytics to forecast exactly where, when and how inefficiencies will affect a business’ costs across their entire supply chain. Previously reserved for commercial giants such as Amazon, GCS’ new Optimize tool makes this sort of monitoring available for businesses of all sizes. Success stories for Optimize included Harmonic Inc., which saw its freight costs plummet 22%, and The Brix Group, which is now realizing an 8x return on investment.

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