The team

GrandCanals’ leaders have been on the front lines of delivery


Serving in leadership roles at companies such as Apple, Target, Baan, DHL, Flextronics, Interwoven, and VeriSign, GrandCanals’ leadership has deep industry expertise and is focused on improving delivery in the new eCommerce world.


Our solution was built to improve delivery. We have nearly a century of combined experience in this market, and we’re on a mission to share it with the world.


We love designing new, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help identify trends and inefficiencies in delivery strategies.


There are little geeks in all of us. We embrace technology and leverage current trends to build the best solutions possible.


There are no sacred cows here. We are in the relentless pursuit of providing value to our customers.


Disruption is in our DNA from helping start and grow several companies around the world.


If you are interested in playing a role in this fast-paced, cutting-edge company, we’d love to hear from you!



Doug has over 20 years of operational experience as an executive for high-growth companies. Doug served as Interim Vice President of Corporate and Business Development at Badgeville. His prior experience includes Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development at Lithium Technologies, Entrepreneur-in-Residence for BridgeScale Partners and several positions including Senior Vice President of Corporate Development with Interwoven, Inc., where he was also employee number 10.

Doug Jones


Between commutes on Route 17 and his kids; basketball games, Doug is in the constant pursuit of the perfect Pinot.


Arun Rao is responsible for solution architecture, engineering and Cloud operations. He has over 24 years of experience bringing cutting-edge solutions to customers in industries ranging from traditional supply-chain to hi-tech and telecommunications. Prior to GrandCanals, Arun worked at icon-scm (acquired by E2Open), led several teams and functions at Flex (NASDAQ: FLEX), delivered ERP solutions at Baan (now part of Infor) and also was part of several successful startups here in the Silicon Valley.

Arun Rao

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

As a tech aficionado, Arun can either be seen using his laptop or his antique typewriter to code the last machine learning algorithm.


Brian is the Senior Vice President of Business Development, where he is responsible for building the Partner Program. Brian brings over 30 years of experience in Software Product Development, Systems Integration, and CIO expertise. At Symbolics, an early AI company out of MIT, Brian created and led the development of collaborative documentation, expert systems language for EDA tools, and an object oriented database. At NGC, Brian led the development of products for real time engineering analytics of National Security Overhead Collection Systems.

Brian Bauer

Senior Vice President Business Development

Brian is a Stanford sports enthusiast. He enjoys growing Orchids and swimming 50 to 80 miles per year.


Sean Wilcox is Vice President of Marketing, where he is responsible for public and analyst relations, product marketing, and digital marketing. Sean brings over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley helping startups bring innovative products to new markets and grow them into global powerhouses. Prior to GrandCanals, Sean led product and digital marketing at Clearwell Systems, a market-leading e-discovery company that was acquired by Symantec (SYMC) in 2011 for $410M, where he helped the company grow from $0M to $40M in revenue in 5 years.

Sean Wilcox

Vice President Marketing

Marketeer by day and hockey player by night, Sean is either writing copy or watching his beloved Boston Bruins play.


Ram is one of the world’s leading researchers in supply chain, pricing and advertising analytics. He strongly believes that analytics and data science should have an everyday role in all business decisions and applications. Having attained the pinnacle of academia as a tenured professor, his next passion project is to democratize e-commerce fulfillment analytics beyond Amazon. His past industry experience includes management consulting at inVentiv Health where he worked on data science solutions for several Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.

Ram Bala

Chief Data Scientist

Obsessed with world history, he thinks Wikipedia is the greatest invention ever. He pursues this interest when not catching up with his favorite political shows.


John joins Grand Canals with over 25 years of Supply Chain and Logistics experience. He spent the last 7 ½ years at GT Nexus/Infor where he strategized the visibility product for numerous fortune 500 supply chains. During his tenure there the growth of his product expanded across industry verticals from retail to chemical. Prior to that he led OHL (now Geodis) Business Application group delivering solutions from Transportation Management to Warehouse Management.

John Nadvornik

VP of Product Management

When not thinking about the best way to move product through the supply chain, John can be found either at CrossFit or catching the latest SCI-FI movie.


Starting with DHL Worldwide Express in its formative days, Mike played a pivotal role in many aspects of the company’s evolution both in the US and globally. He held numerous positions with DHL in operations, general management and corporate staff experience including numerous leadership roles as Senior Vice President of Business Systems Development, Senior Vice President of eCommerce, and Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy.

Mike Comstock

Sr. Adviser

Mike is a creative, out-of- the box thinker. He loves skiing, fast cars and dogs.