3PL Fulfillment and Pricing Optimization

Master the small parcel and LTL opportunity. Speed your cash-to-cash cycle. Provide better, more profitable service to your customers.

Conquer the eCommerce Challenge

You and your customers’ businesses are feeling the pinch of eCommerce because eCommerce is transforming both B2B and B2C markets. Small parcel and LTL direct-to-customer shipments are an increasingly important part of the fulfillment mix, but are 3-5 times as expensive as traditional distribution methods. Further, it’s growing rapidly. Small parcel is the fastest growing freight market segment.


Buyer behaviors are changing rapidly. Millennials, the first digital native generation, now outpace baby boomers in combined buying power for the first time in history. Innovative companies such as Amazon.com are raising customer expectations making it difficult to compete.


In this new eCommerce driven world, fulfillment is a critical source of competitive advantage. But, how can you profitably seize the opportunity this transformation presents?


Market leading 3PL fulfillment companies have developed a core competence in Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Amazon has spent years – and billions of dollars – developing this capability and is now offering it to its own customers, through Fulfillment by Amazon. You can see its value in their market dominance. How can you compete? How can you enhance your 3PL fulfillment process to improve customer experience, drive sales, and maintain customer loyalty?


The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud for 3PLs from GrandCanals provides you with the capabilities you need for Analytics-Driven Fulfillment. Use the same approach as Amazon.com and other market leaders to improve your customers’ experience. Optimize your small parcel and LTL shipping services, if you are already offering them, or enable your entry into this fast-growing segment. Delight your customers by offering them date-certain shipping options. Protect your margins and cut your cash-to-cash cycle through granular, customer-level management. Provide your customers with the information they need to better serve their own customers and to make your company easier to do business with.


Leverage over a century in carrier experience and decades of deep knowledge in analytics software to take advantage of the same capabilities that market leaders are using to fulfill with confidence and delight their customers.


Sales & Biz Dev

You want to be able to offer your customers the best, broadest range of services and take advantage of the rapid growth in small parcel shipping. You also want to be able to provide those customers with the kind of targeted analytics they need to best run their businesses. With analytics-driven fulfillment, you can do both.

Operations & Logistics

It’s your job to make sure that products are reaching customers at the time and in the way that they are expecting and to do so at the lowest cost possible. The carriers don’t make it easy for you, with complex, confusing pricing schemes and a welter of different services. Analytics-Driven Fulfillment can cut through the fog and give you clear insights into what is happening in your fulfillment chain and where there is room to improve your small-parcel shipping.

Finance & Procurement

You’ve got to make the numbers work – quite a challenge, when shipping costs are exploding and you don’t always have the visibility you need to know why – and how to control them. With Analytics-Driven Fulfillment, you’ll know exactly where the money is being spent – and you’ll get the insights you need to ensure it is being spent optimally.


Best Practices for Procuring Optimal Carrier Services and Rates

Why Analytics-Driven Fulfillment is Critical to Your Business.


Plug into the small parcel opportunity, the fastest growing shipping market segment


Small Parcel CAGR from 1983-2010 – 4.5X LTL

Small parcel is the fastest growing shipping segment. If you are already offering small parcel services, we’ll help you optimize them. And if you aren’t we’ll help you add them to the services you can offer your customers.


Ecommerce growth rate

Retail eCommerce sales will reach $1.915 trillion in 2016, accounting for 8.7% of total retail spending worldwide. Online sales continue to expand rapidly, with a 23.7% growth rate for 2016.


The reduction in cash-to-cash cycle time on shipping

With granular control overcustomer charges and the ability to receive and audit carrier bills on a weekly cadence, you can cut your cash-to-cash cycle on shipping bills from six weeks or more down to a week.


Share of B2B companies offering eCommerce options saying B2C eCommerce has influenced customer expectations

We have seen it time and again: expectations driven by consumer software user experience filter back into our work lives. B2B buyers are coming to expect the same level of ease of doing business and reliability of delivery promises they have come to enjoy outside of the office.

The Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud For 3PLS


Optimize your small parcel and LTL shipping services, if you are already offering them, or get into this fast-growing segment. Protect your margins and cut your cash-to-cash cycle through granular, customer-level management.