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Rise in eCommerce
in 2016

Retail eCommerce sales will reach $1.915 trillion in 2016, accounting for 8.7% of total retail spending worldwide. Online sales continues to expand rapidly, with a 23.7% growth rate for 2016.


Amazon’s rise in market
share, last decade

Amazon.com’s dominance in eCommerce can’t be understated, powered by significant investments in fulfillment, including Amazon Prime. Amazon is raising the standard of customer expectations on fulfillment and it has resulted in a 1,934% increase in market capitalization over the last decade.


Shipping prices are critical
for the online sale

One retailer witnessed a 20% increase in shopping cart
conversions when a
same-day delivery option was added to their online shopping cart (even if same-day delivery was not selected by the customer).


Spending by Millennials

70% of worldwide spending will be done by millennials by 2020. Millennials now outpace baby-boomers in combined buying power for the first time in history.


The rise in eCommerce has given consumers an unprecedented level of shopping convenience. At the same time, customer expectations are rising. In a recent study, a consumer’s notion of “fast” shipping has decreased by 50% in just one year: from 5-7 days to just 2-3 days. As a result, traditional fulfillment & delivery processes are being stressed by their inflexibility and high cost. The question isn’t how do you compete. The question is how do you survive? At GrandCanals, we help companies survive and thrive by improving their fulfillment & delivery processes thus increasing sales, reducing shipping prices, and improving CSAT.


Ecommerce, brick & mortar & 3PLs

We are proud that dozens of eCommerce, brick & mortar, and 3PLs call us their strategic partner. Are you struggling to keep up with the pace of eCommerce? Do you wish you had the software that Amazon uses for their own small-parcel shipping and fulfillment? Are you a 3PL looking to take advantage of the fast-growing segment of small-parcel & fulfillment? If so, contact us now and join us!


We’ve seen it all. Just ask us.

At GrandCanals, we have over 100 years of fulfillment & delivery experience. Our leadership team has worked at companies such as Apple, DHL and Target, helping deliver market-leading innovations that power the new age of eCommerce. We’ve also experienced how existing solutions fall short of the ultimate goal of improving shipping rates, fulfillment, and the customer experience. It’s not about freight audit and payment. It’s about fulfillment intelligence!


Analytics-powered fulfillment

Data alone isn’t intelligent. It takes experience and analytics to uncover insight. Our team has developed cutting-edge technology and analytics specifically for supply chain and fulfillment improvement within innovative companies such as Ikon and Apple.  At GrandCanals, we’ve created FD-AI™, a set of powerful data science algorithms that find the optimal mix of carriers and services to match your fulfillment strategy — at the push of a single button!

Not Another BI Tool

GrandCanals is singularly focused on improving fulfillment

Given the importance of small-parcel shipping and fulfillment in the new eCommerce world, fulfillment needs its own analytics, not charts and graphs from a reskinned BI tool or spreadsheets. Our entire company was founded on this principal. Our solution suite was built with this premise. As a result, we provide insight and advice unlike any other company. In turn, this allows our
customers to act unlike any other competitor.